Welcome to The Peach Project

The Peach Project Story!

The Peach Project by Ayesha grew as a label between Mumbai and Dubai. After Ayesha decided her first love was fashion and not interior design, she left her job in the UAE as an interior designer to pursue fashion. Within few months, her label grew not just in India but across the globe. She captured the global Indians with her minimalist, feminine and traditional sensibilities, but the biggest win was knowing what girls like her want. 

The Peach Project, since 2015 has gained a true fan following as well as client's in 4 continents. The aim of the label is to create pieces that bring girls closer to their South Asian heritage while still being true to the aesthetic of a global citizen. Free flowing silhouettes, colors that remind one of fragrances and fabrics that are luxurious in feel are elements that define The Peach Project Lehenga. 

Ayesha currently lives in Mumbai, but has her heart in every bustling city of the world.